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Hello & Welcome

For those of you that have visited our store front gallery, Alpine Images Photography in Sun Peaks BC, this is the long awaited online store that has been promised for a few years now! A boutique online space where you will be able to find treasures from the store and some things that will be exclusively online. 

As time goes on we will be adding many more items to our online store including a dream worthy collection of Christmas ornaments, new seasonal candles and artwork to name a few. 

As we work to pivot our little business into the unknown of e-commerce during this rather interesting time, I want to say thank you for the support, encouragement and positive vibes. Every day is an unknown right now so we have decided to treat it as an adventure and try some new things.

Stay well, stay happy and enjoy

Sun & Snow Gift Collective





What's our story?

Sun and Snow Gift Collective is the brand new off-shoot of the independently run business, Alpine Images Photography. With a store front in beautiful Sun Peaks, BC , Alpine Images has been operating under the current owner Gemma Harris since June 2011.  After graduating with a degree in  Documentary Photography in 2009, Gemma left England to travel and found her way to Sun Peaks where she fell in love with the community and lifestyle.  She developed her photography skills and expanded her portfolio, homing in on her strengths of action sport photography, landscapes and natural family photographs.  Gemma recognized the potential of the gallery as the Resort started to expand and in 2014 moved to a larger central location where she started to put a few of her ideas for the business into practice.

Once a small gallery offering local photographic artwork and photo services, Alpine Images has expanded and grown into the larger space offering more opportunity for displaying various local artists and artisans. Our store showcases an eclectic mix of gifts, jewellery, art prints, greeting cards, original artwork and many beautiful ornaments, as well as Gemma's striking landscapes.  Many of the items that are found in the store are locally produced, including the very popular soy wax candles that Gemma hand pours in batches of twelve.

The gallery has welcomed and delighted visitors from all over the globe and we hope, via our new on-line site, that we can continue to reach our lovely loyal customers and excite some new ones too!